Above left: Keith Roycroft’s girl, “Thunder”.

Greyhound Jammies

Jammie orders after December 5th, 2023 — we will try very hard to get them to you before Christmas, but we can’t guarantee it.

I do have jammies already made in all sizes that I take to vending events. If you would like to see the patterns in the size you need, email me.


Made in the USA!

Jammies are not just for winter! Air conditioning too cold for your greyhound? Jessie's Jammies will keep your hound snug as a bug in the summer (if your home is air conditioned your greyhound might be cold!). Jessie's Jammies are light enough to take that chill away and light enough to wear year round!

Sizes are measured from base of neck to base of tail.

  • XSm: 24 to 25 inches; 45 to 55 lbs.
  • Sm: 26 to 27 inches; 55 to 65 lbs.
  • L: 27 to 29 inches; 65 to 77 lbs.
  • XL: 30 to 33 inches; 77 lbs. or more

Click here to view fabric choices.

jammies greyhound
two-leg, fleece
Item #JMG-1001
Price $40.00

jammies greyhound
four-leg, fleece
Item #JMG-1002
Price $46.00

jammies greyhound
four-leg, fleece
Item #JMG-1003
Price $49.00

How to Measure

A) Circumference of Chest
Measure all the way around the largest part of the chest, behind the front legs. (You may find it helpful to use a piece of string to take this measurement and tie it around the largest part of the chest then cut it off and measure from end to end.)

B) Base of Neck to Base of Tail
Place the tape measure at the base of the neck. Run the tape measure down the length of the back to where the tail meets the behind.

Two-Legged Jammies are One Size Fits All.

Four-Legged Jammies size selection requires a neck-to-tail measurement and your greyhound's approximate weight.

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